Tips to choose stay in Dharmasthala for family

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What is Dharmasthala?

Dharmasthala is a place where you can find the best hotels for families. We have the most beautiful and safest hotels in Dharmasthala which are suitable for family stay. Our hotels are always maintained in good conditions so that you can enjoy your stay without any hassle.

The hotels are located at the best locations and are well equipped with facilities like restaurants, bars, and swimming pools. The rooms are spacious, has all the modern amenities and provides a comfortable stay for family members.

Dharmasthala is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus. It’s one of the most famous tourist attractions in India, and also a great place to visit if you’re looking for family-friendly hotels.

Many people choose Dharmasthala because it’s home to the world’s most sacred temple, the Sri Venkateswara Temple, which was built in the 8th century. You can see this amazing structure from many different angles and learn about its history through guided tours or self-guided tours.

Dharmasthala is a perfect place to spend your family holidays. It has all the facilities including hotels and restaurants. It has been known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. It is also famous for its beautiful temples which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Some facts to know about Dharmasthala

Dharmasthala is a popular hill station in the Western Ghats, located in the state of Karnataka. It is in the district of Raichur, which is famous for its tea and coffee plantations. Its altitude ranges between 800 and 2,000 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by many beautiful lakes and rivers such as Bavdhan Sagar, Damerkot Sagar, Chikkamagalag reservoir and Bhima River which flow through this area.

The most important attraction in the city is Dharmasthala Wildlife Sanctuary which was established in 1964 by the Government of Karnataka with an average elevation of 900 m above sea level and includes 3 wildlife sanctuaries: Rajiv Gandhi National Park (527 sq km), Gangavalli National Park (300 SQ km) and Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve (110 sq km). It has an abundant wildlife population including elephants.

Dharmasthala is a city that includes many monuments that were built by different dynasties over the years. These monuments include temples, ashrams and monasteries which have preserved their original beauty through centuries of time. One can visit these places even if one does not have any interest in architecture or history but still wants to see some beautiful places in life!

The best way to get there is by train from Bangalore—the journey takes about 15 hours. You can stay at one of the many hotels in Dharmasthala. This hotel has been around since 1922 and has a beautiful pool overlooking the hills of Dharmasthala.

You will find that Dharmasthala is a popular destination for families looking for some time away from their kids or spouses during the summer holidays. The climate is mild throughout most of the year, but temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) in July and August—so take this opportunity to enjoy some outdoor activities with your family!